In The Know (Forever Flow Pt. II)

When I cease to be, will you cease to exist?
If the thread connects us, will you feel this?
As long as we’re a memory, we’re never truly gone
As long as time keeps moving, our concious will live on
Ive been thinking darkly, that thinking will bring me home
Missing nights of sleeping with thoughts of being gone
Fleeting like a fancy, while you’ve been moving on
And that’s okay, cause I know that it’s time to heal the wound.

Another time, another place and I could place your face
In a story we’d erase once the way you made your way
To the escape, from the heart that moved across your chest
To the sleeves where it burns until you find the best
And if I ramble it’s because it’s getting late and,
Im stuck on times and ideas that never manifest
Like how you lie, and how you cry and when you smile it makes
That silly face that brings a place back that I could forget.

I’ve done this once, I made it right but this is twice as long,
Fuck the verse, chorus, verse, this is the forever song
You know i’ll add it in to the reptoire when times are right
I’ll keep the flow of the machine, to get the hype high
You’ll always know exactly what it is I speak about
Overhead or through your ears, I’ll keep my words strong
You’ll never feel it, never hear it, just the way I do
But that’s the meaning of the prose, it’s why I write to you.
So in the end I guess it ends once the words stop
But til the sentence breaks I’ll leave you with a short drop.

This affair, was never aired
It caught fire and fizzled there
Ignition source, depleted
Hopes and dreams, defeated.
And in the end we’ll see that
I really loved what we did.

But I really must put the muzzle on this song abit
Cause I’m getting far too into this.
So back to the options
Keep guessing, keep talking
Keep living for something
Keep distance, keep loving.


About asotarockin

30, Soldier, U.S Army.Songwriter
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