Written By: Bryan Brewster
Date Started: December 25, 2005
Date Finished: December 26, 2005


[Verse 1]
Are you hurting?
Can you feel all the pain
Do you know what its purpose is
Is this a case of the same.

Are you ailing?
Did they miss what you’ve got?
Is there a chance that maybe
You’ll have to give it a second shot

Some things arent meant to end
And some things are just meant to happen
Don’t say that heres the end
Your curtain calls not going to happen.

Let’s just get this straight
Its not goodbye, Its just goodnight
We’ll keep you in our minds, we know you’ll be back in due time.

We’ll see you one day,
Smiling through, The silver lining
Laugh as thunder plays, across the smile you’re shining

[Verse 2]
Are you risking more?
Think again, this is big time
The most important thing
That will impact you in this life

Are you so, Sure?
Think of who this affects
Tears will chase when you’ve passed on
That’s all that we’ve got left

Some things are meant to happen
Your early finish shouldnt count
Hold on, Hold on, Hold on, Hold Out
Let’s just get this straight
Its our goodbye, This is goodbye
Hearts will hold on memories, you’ll be there for all time.

We’ll see you every day,
Picture Perfect, In our minds eye
Time is nothing when you’re missing, count backwards til its our time.


About asotarockin

30, Soldier, U.S Army.Songwriter Asotarockin@wordpress.com
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