Time Broken (All Or One; One Or All)

Written By: Bryan Brewster
Date Started: August 4, 2008
Date Finished: August 4, 2008

“Time Broken (All Or One; One Or All)”

I’ve got years to go before we sleep forever, and always
I tick with your heartbeat with each word of this message
When I’m falling through time, will we remember this?
And you’re falling through time again, cause this ticking never quits

[Verse 1]
We’ve been falling towards this for years on end
Because theres nothing that exists that can stop us
I’ve been chasing these eons for you, decades for you.
But our meeting means more than you ever knew.

We’re demolishing everything you hold dear if I get you.
And I’m destined to sway your heart into completing my ruse
When your eyes lock mine, you can see my longing for you
We’ve got precious few moments before you’ve got to choose.

Let me get in a little closer to you.
Yeah, let me wrap these arms around you.
Collapse into the embrace as the world revolves around you.

So wait a minute, choose seconds, or go backwards
Because we’re destined to break this or break each other
We’ve got all of time encased in this moment.
And our heartbeats are pulsing to the destruction of this universe.

[Verse 2]
So before this starts to dissipate into the vacuum
Ill grip your waist; too close in these empty rooms
Existing like this until we’ve ended time.
In this kiss, we’ve another instant lost.

In seconds we’re going to be spinning uncontrollably
Just the fact that you’re near me is tearing everything
The fabrics that bind us shred through the continum
So choose losing me or destroying everything.

Yeahh, choose losing one for everyone.
You could save the world, just choose everyone.

So wait a second; wait a minute go backward.
Did you learn what to ignore, when to react?
Cause I can’t help but do things repeatedly
Im never changing, you just haven’t been seeing me.

And look back at this moment, cause for all time
You’re going to be feeling detatched and alone
Feeling jealousy of the multitude of lovers
While you’re always on your own.

And Im falling through time again,
Cause this tickings slowing to a crawl
And yeah, I won’t remember this
Because my time just quit.


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