“…And I’ll Run All Day Pt II.”

Written By: Bryan Brewster
Date Started: August 28, 2010
Date Finished: November 1, 2014

“..And I’ll Run All Day Pt II.”

Intermission’s ended, and it’s another year of this
Time has shifted back to when we first caught wind of it
The scene is neverending, and our second act begins.

I’ve fallen further than the deepest pool of love
When you rolled away my ceiling fell apart
I stared up at the sky,
The light burned at my eyes
Shot red, and stained in ash,
I realized that I died.
I can’t go on without this,
I’ve got no reason to move
I can’t pretend that shit’s the same
When my better half was torn
We couldn’t leave it like this
Let this disease become the storm
Become the hurricane, the tornado, the one that brought us harm

You said, “Our ending isn’t pending
Till we’re both dead and gone.
I’ll chase but never follow
Cause I’ve loved you for too long

But words mean fucking nothing
While bodies give up on us
I just don’t have the strength to
Return the love you brought

This path was never easy
And I choose to walk alone
I can feel the heart that’s breaking
You know I’ll never return home.”

You’re too close
I’m too cathartic
Expansive dreams of things and us
My ribcage pressure is too much.
I can’t escape those eyes that probe
My thoughts and finish all my words
I know you’ll take another turn
And leave me left here just to burn
I’ll fall apart for years to come
I’ll always be so lost that friends
Will wonder if I’ve given in
I’ll retain all my charm
And never a have a proper target
Because no matter how close they get
You’ll always be the one the heart hits.
These words will always be my hardest
You’ll never hear them either
This isn’t therapeutic
It’s just me screaming into darkness.


About asotarockin

30, Soldier, U.S Army.Songwriter Asotarockin@wordpress.com
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