“From Asheville, to Sarasota Pt III: The Sad Part About The Truth Is, Everything’s Prettier Without It”

Written By: Bryan Brewster
Date Finished: December 29, 2014

“From Asheville, to Sarasota Pt III:The Sad Part About Truth Is, Everything’s Prettier Without It”

Today she’s going to wake up in the same way
Does her makeup in the mirror for her own sake
It’s the routine that keeps it all arranged
Here’s the shake-up, it’s gonna change
They say she’s getting weaker by the day
Times more precious than every other thing
She’s got thoughts of all she ever wanted to say

“There’s no soft truth in this time crunch
I can’t fake this to everyone
No longer can I watch the moon chase the sun”

To live our lives for all these times,
Til you decided we’ve had enough.
To make this thing, to break this love.
Til fate decided to make this tough.

Today she’s going to wake up in the same way
A glance at the mirror, there’s no reason for today
Lay around in a drugged daze, cause the dreams are far better
Then the reality that it doesn’t matter if her skins glazed
Here’s the shake-up, here’s the big change
There’s a boy who’s on the side for more of the same
But when her mind’s made up, she’s seldom swayed.

“There’s no reason to hurt you with lies
Of saying I’ll be there when summer dies
No longer can hearts walk in hand with fate”


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