“To Litchfield, All Of The Pieces ( feat. You Freestyle ’05)”

Written By: Bryan Brewster
Date Started: November 12, 2005
Date Finished: December 29, 2014

“To Litchfield, All Of The Pieces (You Freestyle ’05)”

I’ve never felt so wrong
Never felt so gone.
To you its funny,
But to them, I’m alone.
You get what you paid for
And I asked for change
But never so much for you to feel strange
The worst part is, its not you Im worried about
Its the best friend that left me
The day you set off.
No nothing,
No commune,
No phoning
No telling
She left me just feeling,
Like a first class blackmailing
A headline maker, a career killer
The cheat on your wife, got caught with her killer
In a mall, or a hotel, or somewhere too common
Common like how we’d end up arguing
I’m sure now whats gone now
Is not what I’m missing
Whats missing is two years of
faithful reminiscing
Of times of a smile not painted by pills
When walls put up could be mounted with hills
Though it always took time for me to build them
To make it, to scale it, to renew those feelings.
I don’t know if I can end this, I think it can go on,
Ill add as I live, we’ll call it my forever poem
The always, the always, the one that will always
Keep times spent with love, outside the dark hallways
Of my mind, of your mind, and anyone else
To hold you forever would only cause chances
To burn out or fade out, whichever’s your preference
Slow fade or quick burns, one shot regrets
In the meantime we’ll falter
We’ll keep them at bay
Til days when I’m leaving
And you’re there to stay
You’re falling, you’ve fallen and I’m gone away.
What is it exactly that makes you that way?
I know its redundant when I ask that question
Blame me the most, I’m the answer you’re missing
I said my goodbyes, if that’s what you’re wanting
I followed you down until you stopped to flaunt them
My problems
My failures
And every success
Reminding me always
I’m no longer the chest
[Excuse me, I meant the reason]

I meant the fucking season
I’m fall when you’re the springtime
Leaving faster, landing hard
I’m intending to beat these words into your heart
Remember December, you left me just breathing
The cold air so lonely while you were retreating
So close and so far, but just brought to light
Of the time that you spent here, though just out of sight
And it’s been years since we spoke
But I still get the feeling
That it’s all just the same
And nothings worth changing
And nothing ever changes
No fighting, no feelings
No loving, we’re reeling
It’s not like it once was,
We’ve reached our ceiling
The potential is long gone
Let’s coast to the ending.


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30, Soldier, U.S Army.Songwriter Asotarockin@wordpress.com
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