“Where I’ve Roamed Pt I: Awkward”

20150527_202911Written By: Bryan Brewster
Date Started: October 29, 2015
Date Finished: March 9, 2016

“Where I’ve Roamed Pt I: Awkward”


She shot her eyes straight towards the ground, around the waves, across the bay
I thought I’d say another word, but she’d ignore it anyway.
I’ve got the time, cause I’m in line
For nothing interesting
My mind is fucking racing,
I’m losing interest quickly
She said, “I think you’re lying, it could never be this easy.”

I’m not the one you’ve seen before
No need to second guess me
No reason to mislead you
No need for you to test me

Figured you out in glances
But all my time you’re wasting
So take my words just as they are
No motive means no guessing
Wear your heart right on your sleeve

This time it’s something different, buzzed as the sound rose to a roar
Three drinks and first date dancing, I never thought she’d slur the words.
Inhibition down, she’s grabbing on
To any hand that keeps her form from hitting ground

She’s spinning round, I’ve lost my balance
But never fell, she’s up and running
“I’ve got to think you’ll leave me, so why are we still moving?
I can’t refuse the moments, and you just seek to use me.
I’m fucking fragile, I can’t rule my world this loosely.”

It’s not the way it’s always been
You’re thinking back to promises
No need to second guess me
No reason for you to test me

And in the end we found, that color was indeed inbound
Of purple waves, and emerald gaze to bring me back to ground
I’ll have to end this game, cause I’m way too overmatched now
I have to mend my ways cause you’ve opened up the hatch now
Just can’t avert the gaze that brings down all my fences
Just over a month to stay, you think you can convince this?


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30, Soldier, U.S Army.Songwriter Asotarockin@wordpress.com
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