Written By: Bryan Brewster
Date Started: November 10, 2015
Date Finished: May 1, 2016


Disappear so slowly into everything I’m missing
Reminiscing of things that have passed me
And you know that I can’t let this go so easily.
Can you tell me you’re missing moments with ease?
If I spend a second on this could we appease the masses
Could we make this the classiest,
And take it past the feeling of dread
Creeping up when you’re alone in the bed.

This battle was lost the day I took off
No matter the cost, we looked better on paper

I’m looking to climb, disregarding the height
Propelled upward with featherweight flight
Never looking down, so the fall won’t surprise me
Enjoying descents, an untimely grounding
Oh, how did you fall, with spectacular landing
With your legs to the ground and your eyes to the sky
But the love that we found isn’t beaming tonight.

I feel the weight of tomorrow
The feeling that failures the sorrow
A reason to give in to all expectations
Separate lovers, and lives in a nation.

So look ahead to the brightness of being free
To the overwhelming ability to keep us afloat
To every heart, in every boat
To every lover, that lost one too
To the former loved, that left you
I’ve played each role to various degree
I’ve played with hearts, and you played me
So heavy, the ending, so much for the feather
So much for your love, this weightless endeavor.


About asotarockin

30, Soldier, U.S Army.Songwriter Asotarockin@wordpress.com
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