“From Asheville, To Sarasota: In Motion”

Written By: Bryan Brewster
Date Started: December 29, 2014
Date Finished: December 29, 2014

“From Asheville, To Sarasota: In Motion”
I’m falling faster than a comet
She knocked me out of orbit,
I was wandering around this system
Just waiting to be absorbed
I never had direction, just fuel and motivation
I never knew I was missing something so deep and interesting.

She said, “I like the way you roll through, pretending you’re unstoppable.
But I’ve seen the way you move, and you know that it’s improbable.
You’re gonna have to stop and enjoy the space around you.
So hover for a second baby, I’m the star that’s gonna shine on you.
I’ll illuminate your path, so you can find the destination
I’ll be the light for your life, so you’re never left guessing.
I’ll follow through and be with you until we’re cold and gasping
I’ll make the galaxies pass by so fast you’ll never know we’re dying.
Cause in the end, you’re the one I chose to flow into infinity
We know that there’s a finite end to the lives that we are leading.


About asotarockin

30, Soldier, U.S Army.Songwriter Asotarockin@wordpress.com
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